Our services encompass important areas that cater to the needs of the demanding world of advertising. We offer the following services:

4Multilingual Typesetting & Layout setting
4Editing & Proof reading
4Designing Artwork
4Silk Screen Printing, Offset Proofing & Printing , All kinds of binding Jobs.


In this multi-concerned cut-throat competition, effective advertisement of your product/services is the only way, which will help you to come out from this deadlock. Our country having diverse linguistic segments, you need to reach to the Regional Markets through their language only. So it is essential that, whatever you want to communicate, do it in their own language.

For this purpose we have qualified & experienced multilingual staff. All our translations are done be real people, not machines, for quality and correctness. We realize that every language and culture has its own idiom, and that some expressions may not have accurate counterparts in another language. We make sure, therefore, that we carry out intelligent and correct translations, and not just embarrassing transliterations.

We are very happy to be able to provide you accurate, prompt & reliable service for all your translation needs. Whatever it be advertising materials, press release, catalogs, manuals, TVC, brochures, travel industry publications, Questionnaire, E-mail orders, package inserts, speeches, newsletters, legal, scientific, engineering, computer, economic materials or any type of written material.

We also undertake any type of Book works for translation & Typesetting in different languages.


We provide two kinds of editing services - editing & proof reading. Both services apply to previously translated materials and it is important to specify which kind you are interested in. As part of the editing process, we will review the translated document thorough by comparing it to its original counter part. The translation will be checked for translation accuracy as well as for grammatically & idiomatically correct language. The translation will also be checked for completeness and accuracy of transcription, where applicable. The proof reading process involves checking mainly for grammatically and idiomatically correct language in a translated text; but does not involve checking for translation accuracy or completeness as it does not involve the comparison of the translated text to its original counterpart.


It is important to remember that language interpreting is a discipline from translation & requires a linguist with good delivery, good diction, and the ability to quickly articulate the same word or sentence in a different language.

We work with you to determine how many interpreter, what kind of interpreters and what kind of interpreting equipment you need. We also insist that you provide us and the interpreters with as much background material an possible and as much information about how the assignment will progress as possible, to ensure that the interpreters are best prepared. We will make every effort to find qualified interpreters local to your assignments.


We are committed to the highest standards of quality. In order to achieve this objective all of our work is reviewed by our team of experts editors & production personnel, once it has been complete by the initial translator, our editing staff ensures that the translations are complete, technically accurate & free of all grammatical or idiomatic errors. The production stuff ensures that all formatting and layout specifications are handled correctly, so that the final delivered product meets your exact specifications


We work with native language translators/speakers. We provide local & overseas customers cultural understanding in addition to expert translations. Our translators are highly qualified and having University degrees in technical and specialized translation, language qualifications from the Institute of Linguists or Institute of Translation and Trained in Interpreting. Most of them are working with All India Radio as News Editor, Language Coordinator & News reader.

We know translator is one of the most important professionals in today's world of culture, commercial, economic & political communication. We choose a panel of translators most of them are working with All India Radio who are responsible for the following:
4   Translation (converting) text from one language to another.
4   Making sure that the correct words, idioms & expressions result in a translation that passes the correct meaning on to the reader.
4   Verifying (proofing) that each word, phrase & nuance comes across in a clear & definitive way.
4   In order to guarantee the quality of our translation work our translators, proof readers & editors are all professionally qualified.
4   Have at least five years experience.
4   Translate into their native tongues only.
4   Offer expertise in the vocabulary of our business sector.

We made all human translation not machine translation.

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